My Kanken


I'm always on the hunt for backpacks; finding one that accommodates all my stuff is…lets say a challenge. I wanted this backpack for on the go whilst travelling. I needed something that would fit my laptop and my camera equipment in that was also lightweight. I have other backpacks that weigh a ton before anything is even put in them! So I did a bit of hunting and found Kanken, I'd seen their bags knocking about on Instagram and YouTube and liked the look of them. I decided to opt for the 'Fog Grey' as I thought it would go with everything. It looks surprisingly small but I can manage to get LOTS into it, I’ve used it daily since I bought it and I love it. 

What’s in it?

In the main section - My phone, an external charger, my laptop, padded sleeve and laptop charger, my main camera + Hermit shell case, my Olympus film camera (just restocked on film so carrying this round daily at the moment in case I see anything interesting to snap), a spare lens, my memory card holder & my light weight foldable puffer jacket.

 In the front pouch - My sunglasses, lip balm, mirror + car keys. 

Side pouch - water bottle and purse. 


Things I like about it?

Material - The Fjallraven Kanken is made out of the extremely durable Vinylon F material which is not only resistant to rips and tears, but is also waterproof – an important quality to have no matter whether you’re in the city or out enjoying the wilderness.

Comfort - While they may not look like much at first, the thin nylon straps are surprisingly comfortable for carrying normal weights, such as what you would around the city, at school or for a casual day hike. There’s a built-in foam insert in the back of the Kanken rucksack which helps further cushion your back during periods of extended wear. As comfortable as it is however I probably wouldn’t try to take it with me for a multi-day outdoor adventure but for what I need everyday it more than does the job.

Design - The iconic beauty of the Fjallraven backpack is very basic which I love; Fjallraven Kanken is a brand from Sweden. These backpacks have been the staple of Swedish school children since the 1970’s when it was first introduced. The bag comes in more than three dozen different colours, I was torn on which to choose as there are so many! The front of the bag is adorned with the reflective Fjallraven Kanken logo; very handy at night especially if you commute in a busy area or ride a bike. I can fit a lot more in the backpack than I first thought and I love that it opens outward when laid flat unlike your usual backpack; I found this really handy for my camera gear. It can also be carried like a handbag rather than a backpack with the two straps at the top of the bag joining with a press stud.

I purchased my backpack from Urban Outfitters, it’s currently out of stock online in 'Fog Grey' but there's loads of other colours here.


  1. I absoloutely love the look of Kanken's, and I've been meaning to buy one for ages - love the colour of yours + lovely post!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Love this bag, it seems so practical! I'm always lugging a very heavy handbag about that hurts my shoulders :)

    Rachael xx.

    1. Definitely very practical, I can just chuck all my junk in and go ha! x

  3. Love the colour, seen loads of black ones about but the fog grey is really diffrent. Going to be on the look out for one!