Gift Guide 2016


If you're anything like me you'll have that mid month December panic where you still haven't finished your Christmas shopping. I have got a few bits and pieces from the shops but have to admit I loathe Christmas shopping when you can't get moved for people in shopping centres (everyone seems to be doing that slow walk thing where you want to kick them from behind). So passive aggressiveness aside, I find sitting down and ticking off my list in the comfort of my own home with a quilt and a hot chocolate wayyyyyy more appealing. I thought I'd put together a list of some of the beautiful things i've come across whilst shopping as some inspiration if you're struggling for gift ideas or even if you just fancy a nosey... (All links are below images)

Embracing Hygge...



  1. The 'Cabin Porn' book has been on my list for a longtime, hoping I get it for Christmas! Great list x

    1. I know me too! Its sold out in so many places I think everyone thinks the same! x

  2. Great Guide, I just want it all now :)