Downloadable wrapping paper


If you've read my Christmas Gift Guide you'll know that I am still not done buying or wrapping presents, every year I leave it late and every year the shops sell out of the nice wrapping paper I seen months ago and every year I still don't learn. I love spending ages on my wrapping and having a theme each year (yes I'm sad like that). I always browse Pinterest wrapping ideas before Christmas and had seen allot of home made I thought why not get a bit artsy and make some. Obviously I won't wrap all of my presents in this, I think the majority of mine are going to be wrapped in white paper this year (here) with some twigs and greenery along with them but for the odd smaller ones I think they'll look quite pretty. I just quickly made some simplistic patterns while I was having a bit play in Photoshop and thought they might be handy downloads for anyone in need of some small last minute wrapping. They are only A4 sheets so you can use multiple for one present or if it's just a small present A4 might do you. Just click on the link below the image, save the image, print, wrap = Voila! (If you do use any of them I'd love to see pictures! @ me on Insta or twitter)...

Merry Christmas!


  1. This wrapping paper looks amazing, i'm sad I have all my presents wrapped now :)

    Rachael xx.

    1. Thanks Rachael! have a lovely Christmas 🎅 x

  2. Emma these are beaut! 😍 Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx


  3. Love this!!! such a great idea, thanks Emma!

  4. Thanks! glad you like them :-) x