Living North


This week The Living North Christmas fair had come to Newcastle; my auntie had returned home from Spain for the week to visit at Christmas so we thought it would be nice to spend the day there with the family. It had a lovely Christmassy atmosphere and sold everything from food to clothes, there's loads of independent businesses there. I particularly loved one stall that I seen called 'Baby Abode' they sold loads of quirky toys and teddies. If I had a child I could have bought the entire stall; everything was beautiful. We strolled around and had lunch in the tee-pee area they had which was lit by hundreds of fairy lights. I can't believe it's only three weeks till Christmas, its come round so quickly, I'm really excited and feeling mega festive after today. I took my camera along so thought I'd share a few photos...


  1. Those tee-pees are so cute! x

    1. Aren't they! Loved photographing them x