That crisp feeling in the air


I love Autumn. I've probably mentioned that loads in past videos or blog posts but I'll just tell you again. It's my favourite season, I always ask people what their favourite season is and I'm gobsmacked when I hear anything other than November. The colours, smells, that crisp feeling in the air, the dark nights, festive coffee menus, John Lewis christmas ads (which maybe controvesh but this year I was a bit disappointed in) and the fashion. Just LOVE. I've bought three winter coats so far and there's no stopping there, my Asos wishlist is an actual joke. I do have a good excuse though as I'm going to Iceland tomorrow night (technically) although I have a day in London before we fly. I'm so excited to go, Iceland has been a place I've wanted to visit since being younger. Me and Luke had talked about going for years and decided it would be a nice time to plan it around our ten year anniversary. (when I write that it sounds MENTAL) like 10 yearsss we've been together, I cant believe it. Not that I didn't think we would last or anything its just ten years is so bloody long!  It feels like two minutes since meeting him in high school. I think it will be lovely to do something special for reaching that milestone. We've got some really exciting excursions booked and are staying in an AirBnb. I've been practicing my night time photography over the last couple of months ad I'm hoping to capture the Northern Lights (fingers crossed). I'm going to be like a pack horse with the amount of stuff I'm taking with me! I will of course have posts on it all, but if any of you have been to Iceland I would love some tips or suggestions to add to our itinerary. 


  1. LOVING the grey hair ��������