Going Grey


Over the weekend I've once again been faffing on with my hair, as much as I love getting my hair done professionally every now and then I get the devil in me and want to try something wild. I had already bleached my hair and toned it around a month ago so it was really light, I emphasise the really light part as if you're wanting to go grey your hair definitely needs to be almost platinum blonde. You can see my previous hair before I put the grey colour on over on my Instagram. I'd wanted to go grey and tried multiple toners from Sally's to try and achieve it, however each time the toner washed out after a few washes. So after almost giving up and deciding to just stay ash blonde I came across a grey hair dye in Superdrug. I half expected to look at it and see that it was some sort of semi-perm toner (as most of them are) but after having a read of the box I found out it was permanent! Finally a hair DYE that *fingers crossed* wouldn't wash out. The dye is by the brand 'Colour Freedom' they have several different grey shades too which is nice; I opted for 'Graphite Grey' {Buy Here}. 

I did a strand test before hand and really liked the way it turned out (it suggests doing that in the instructions, as grey can show different results on different hair types). So I just mixed it up as you would with a normal colour and left it on my hair for around 25 mins. When I was drying my hair I couldn't believe how well the colour came out; so even and still in great condition. I would however recommend two bottles if you have thick hair, I needed two. 

Overall I LOVE the result, It worked wayyyyy better than I thought it would. I'm looking forward to having this colour hair for winter and would definitely use the brand again! In terms of the upkeep I don't think there will be *hopefully* much to do as it is a permanent dye but just to help keep the colour as grey as possible I've also been using the Bleach Silver Shampoo, it works wonders at eliminating brassy tones (even if you don't have grey hair) I have used this for years since being blonde. 

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