Francisco's Mountain Ranch


(Another Almeria post, if you'd like to see the others too click here) Francisco lives just round the mountain from my auntie, I did a post on his home last time as the photography opportunities there are too much! We always walk up to his ranch to say hello, he keeps dogs and horses and lots of them! He holds riding lessons and always lets us have a ride on the horses too. His passion for the animals is lovely to see, he always makes us bond with the horses before riding them by cuddling and stroking them, he also believes that horses shouldn't have stirrups or mouthpieces so everything is done very natural with them only taking instruction from his voice. He made us mint tea and talked about how he'd recently discovered he loved yoga. He's very refreshing to be around! I could stay there all day but unfortunately after cuddling all the dogs and horses it was time to go home. I did get some good snaps though…

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