Family Time


Every year I go out to visit my auntie in Almeria which if you've read my blog for a while you'll know, it’s so handy having family abroad as your flights are really all you have to worry about then you can visit as much as you like. Having family time along with enjoying the lovely weather makes a lovely combo. I keep my camera on me daily now and even more so when traveling. Each time I feel like I manage to see new insights to Almeria, it's such a beautiful place stuck somewhere between the desert and mountains, pretty remote which I've probably mentioned in previous posts, so it's lovely to escape, you almost feel like you've gone back in time. There is a main village area about a mile down the road but its still so traditional Spanish, full of olive and fig fields with the odd corner shop. Rather than neglect my photographs I always like to publish them here so that I have the memories of my favourites and share them with you too. So this is kind of an introductory post to my trip to share with you what's to come as I've separated my posts into a few different sections rather than having one big post so check out the others too! 

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