Well here goes, the first mammoth post on my recent trip to Venice! If you didn't already see on my Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat (I really did post everywhere LOTS) Luke & I recently visited Italy. I really love putting travel posts together as they are my favourite type of posts to read, so hopefully you enjoy them too. I took over 1000 pictures, that's really no exaggeration, so I have lots of posts in the pipeline; we visited Murano, Burano and Florence too so those posts are on there way after this one! If you are planning a trip to Venice I HIGHLY recommend you visit Murano and Burano, they're two little islands not far from Venice which you can get to via boat, you'll see more about them when I publish my posts on them but they are an absolute dream; I'm talking bright pink, lilac and blue houses, the cutest little island I've ever seen (in the meantime see my Insta for reference). 

So it really wasn't hard to capture photographs in Venice, they say it's a photographer's dream and they're really not wrong; every corner you turn there is something interesting and the way the light lies around the canals and alleys was just beautiful. I don't really know where to start when talking about the trip as a whole because there was just so much I loved about Venice; the food, the buildings, the people... everything! So in a nutshell; we were there for a week and we stayed in an AirBnB (which again there is a separate post on coming soon), ate way too much bruschetta and pizza, it was boiling hot and our only reprieve was imagining jumping in the canals, the gondola rides are so expensive I'm talking €100 for twenty minutes so budget wisely before you arrive as they are a must do! And there are so many beautiful designer shops and dogs! ... So instead of rambling on about everything I loved I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking and let this be a more visually informative post... as always there's lots of pictures! 

(I'm also working on a vlog so that should be up soon! Just bare with me!) 


  1. Gorgeous post Emma! You have such a flair for photography, the pictures were a pleasure to view. 1000 photos is impressive, I would probably take loads if I were in Italy, as everything is so pretty! I’ve never actually been but travel diary blog posts are some of my favourite to view too! That mask shop looks incredible, and so many other interesting sights! Glad you both had a good time, look forward to more related content. :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Ah Thanks for your lovely comment Helen! Yeah I think I went a bit mad ha! It was so hard not to take photos of everything.. Glad you enjoyed it! :-) xx

  2. I'm not surprised you took 1000 photographs - I would have done, too! Venice looks so beautiful. I always love your travel photography :)

  3. I lo lo loooove Italy and those little streets! Your travel photos always get to want me to these places. :)