Tom Dixon


If you've read my blog for a while you'll know that Interior pieces are something I'm constantly hunting down, I love changing up and refreshing the accessories within my interior. Candles are the perfect thing to do that, I find changing up the scent of my room within different seasons gives a fresh new feel to any room. There's nothing better than coming in after a long day and relaxing with a good book and a candle that fills your room with deliciousness. This candle set from Mayfair Home Furniture does that perfectly.. the only problem is now I want to purchase every single candle Tom Dixon sells (you can browse the range here) .. the 'Element Scent' candles are definitely my next venture! 

I have the Tom Dixon Gift Set; The set comes as a trio of super sleek candles held within handspun vessels formed of Brass Copper and Nickel. As we speak I have one on my desk next to me, one in my hallway and another in the lounge. 

The Scents 
'London' which captures the scent of the English capital's parks and red bricks.
 'Royalty' is inspired by Earl Gray tea, scones and strawberry jam. 
'Orientalistis reminiscent of "the faint memory of an Indian wedding with rose petal garlands. 

The scents are simply divine, the candles even when unlit let off so much fragrance! The throw on the candles is very intense, not in an overpowering way, just enough to fill the room nicely. I'm always willing to spend a little more on candles if they do there job! less burn time and more fragrance, there's nothing worse than buying a candle and not getting much scent from it. The scents that come within the set are all named too which I really liked, their names are engraved on the front of the candle alongside the Tom Dixon logo giving a very luxurious feel...It was nice to be able to pick up notes from the description of the candles which was printed on the box, I could especially smell the Earl Grey tea within the Royalty Candle. 

I think the set is a great way to try the candles if you're new to the Tom Dixon brand, it allows you to try three different scents and have all three colours to style within your interior, My favourite out of the three is most definitely 'London' it has that musky scent that I love.. but if you are more into fresh fragrances give the 'Orientalist' or 'Royalty' a go! 

Have you tried Tom Dixon Candles before? if you have I would love to know any recommendations of what to try next in the comments! 


  1. The candles are gorgeous Oriental is my favourite out of them all , however I love all of them xxxx

  2. Beautiful photography, just discovered your blog and I'm happy to say that I'm definitely here to stay.x