Murano and Burano


So here's the second instalment to my Italy posts, as mentioned in the previous post we took a trip to Murano and Burano; these are two little islands not that far from Venice that you can get to via boat, we booked this once we got there for €20 per person, it's around the same price to book prior on Expedia too. I had read about how beautiful they were and apparently were a must do if you are into photography; I can definitely vouch for that! So we set off at around 11am, it was a four and a half hour journey for a round trip. We got on the boat and off we went! 
First stop was Murano; Murano is known for its glassmaking, if you've ever bought glass, glass jewellery or even mini glass souvenirs you might have seen the little Murano glass trademark sticker on pieces made there, it's sold worldwide and is said to be one of the highest quality of glass you can buy. I was particularly interested in seeing this as not only did we get to explore the island we got to watch the craftsman glass blowing, I was so surprised this was included in the price of the tour. They gave us a tour through the glass factory from start to finish of how a piece is made, one of the men made a glass horse, amazing to see how quickly he did it, he made it look like a piece of cake! Most of the men who worked there have been since they were teenagers so they were very highly skilled. We then got an option to view the shops where the glass is sold, unfortunately you weren't allowed to take pictures of the glass (I did get a sneaky one of some glass birds) but there were gorgeous chandeliers, safe to say I didn't bring any home, I glanced at the price tags of one of the giant chandeliers and it was 25K! There were much smaller gifts in the little gift shops like tiny necklaces and animals so I got a few of those instead as presents. The island itself was beautiful too.

Next stop was Burano! I'd researched pictures of Burano before traveling to Venice so I knew  what to expect, I definitely wasn't disappointed. Burano is a small fishing village, where all the houses are painted VERY brightly, it's said that years ago the fishermen used to paint them that way so they could see there way back home. Lace is also sold all over the island as that's what many of the fishermen's wives specialised in. As we approached the island I could tell it was like going back in time, so quiet and picturesque; everything looked like a postcard! We wandered round just looking at each different house, each house had colourful striped cloth at their doors with so many plants and flowers. I couldn't believe people actually lived in them. I remember saying to Luke 'I think I'd be constantly happy if I lived here' it was just so quiet and cut off from the world in its own pretty little universe. There were a few lunch spots so after our wandering we sat by the sea and had homemade pizza, which was only €3 a slice! We opted for the veggie one, it was delicious! As we sat eating pizza I got talking to an artist sat by one of the houses, I ended up snapping a picture of him which you'll see, I was almost envious that I didn't have pens or paper, I couldn't imagine anything more relaxing! I would love to visit again and would even maybe consider staying the night here next time I visit Venice! 

I would really recommend the tour if you are going to Venice and fancy a day trip! See previous Venice post here

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  1. Oh Emma, your photos never fail to make me fall in love with where you travel to. Now I want to go to Italy soooooo much more.

    Gianni x