Shooting Film 01


Today's a bit of a long post, so you might want to grab a cuppa! I've missed sitting down and writing a good old long blog post so today excuse me while I turn this into a short novel. So! The last few weeks or so seems to have been a bit of a whirlwind! One of the biggest things taking up my time this month has been clearing my grandma's house, without going into it too much detail she's recently had to be moved from her house to a nursing home. We basically had four weeks to clear 87 years worth of stuff! I'm honestly not joking when I say her house was FULL to the brim. Each cupboard, nook and cranny had something in it. With the help of family and friends we all clubbed together and got it cleared, all be it a few tears were had but we got there. It was a massive mix of emotions, but one of the main ones was nostalgia, looking back on the (no joke) thousands of photos my grandad had taken. He was so enthusiastic about photography and had catalogue after catalogue of photos. There's a heavy influence of photography in our family, my dad doing it as a career when he was in his younger years so some of his photos were there too. Seeing old photos of family members I had no clue existed was weird, like an insight into the history of our family. 

 Cutting a long story short after looking through pictures of even my grandma as a baby and finding our family tree documents dating back to the 1500's I came across an old box containing my grandad's camera, the box lay just as it had been put away many years ago before he passed away. No one really had a clue it was there. I opened it up to find everything as he had left it, the film camera (the Olympus OM20), 5 lenses (a mix of Tamron and Olympus), lens cleaner, carry case and the best of it all a note in there from me when I was little! It was strangely weird and emotional, almost like it was meant for me to find! I was amazed to see after all those years the battery in the camera was still charged! I decided it would be nice to try to shoot with it, but never having used film before didnt really have a clue where to start, I had a browse on YouTube and found out firstly how to use the camera. Once I was confident with how everything worked off I went and bought myself some film. I thought it would be a disservice to him after all those years to not give it a go.

 I purchased my 'Fujifilm Superia Xtra 36 Exposure'.. loaded it, and started to shoot! I really had no clue how they would turn out or even if I was using the camera properly, I set all the settings myself just based on what I knew from my SLR ie shutter speed and aperture, it was kind of a guessing game but I figured I had nothing to lose, if they didn't work at least I had tried. My shots for this film were mainly just tests, mainly Luke and the cat with the odd plant thrown in there! I still have 5 other rolls of film spare so I've got lots to shoot, I even thought maybe dedicating one of those rolls to just photographing my grandma and her possessions would be nice. So anyway after 36 shots I reached the end of my film. When I went to get my film printed I had visions of it just not working, or being all black. Processing them which I did at Jessops took only an hour and cost £9.00. I looked round the shops whilst it was being done. I was so excited and eager to pick them up! That's something you really don't feel when shooting digital, it's so exciting. When I opened up the paper case I seen that they had printed, that was a relief in itself, and to my surprise they actually turned out relatively well. 

I loved the colouring and the grain within in the photographs, be it some of them were blurry or underexposed but for my first time shooting film I didn think they were too bad! They seemed to have so much more depth than digital. Turns out scanning them was the hardest part! It's so difficult to find a scanner that didn't completely diminish the quality of them! They are still much better in person. So I'm already on my third roll now so can't wait to get them printed too. I took some shots when Luke and I went to the Town Moor the other day and can't wait to see what they're like. I think I'm definitely going to keep it up and try to build a catalogue of photos like my grandad did, maybe making it my mission to shoot at least one roll a month. I just found the whole thing so inspiring, I'm also going to take some film away with me on my holidays so I can't wait to shoot there (although I hear it can be quite dodgy getting film through airport security and x-ray scanners)
 but it's all a learning curve I suppose!) 

Anyway I thought i'd share them with you, and document my future film on here too so stay tuned! 

Luke sleeping post night-shift and waking 

Our feet in the bed, over exposed but I kind of like it, although it just looks like there's one person with two very odd feet

Again over exposed but I loved the contrast in the light and the outline of the plants and the cats fur

A day we went to town, liked the rusty colours in the feet photo and the composition of the above picture

A 'pretend you don't know i'm taking a photo' shot

Loved how bright the flowers turned out

My Grandad's favourite pub in town and a little reflection 

Liked the coloring on the portrait of Luke and his canny smile! 

So, I hoped you enjoyed this post! It was rather long but I just wanted let you know the story behind it. I really would encourage you to give film a go if you like photography and havent tried it yet, it really isnt as daunting as I thought it would be, yet still took me out of my comfort zone (in a good way). Usually I shoot bright minimal photos so it was really nice to switch up my style. 

Have you shot film before? Any tips would be much appreciated in the comments as I still have loads to learn!


  1. These photos are truly stunning, reminds me of something you would find at an exhibition. I love the feet one and I'm so surprised that it wasn't meant to turn out like that. I really want to try film as I love not knowing what the photos will look like until they have developed.

  2. I love these photographs! Film photography is so beautiful. The grain and contrast in these images is superb. I'd love to see more of these! x

  3. go go go!!! keep shooting film! i adore having a little sneak peek on others doing film. i love digital photography but the atmosphere and feelings that analog gives you is unreachable for me. not knowing what you have shoot until they are developed, it is the greatest wait! as you may have noticed the fujifilm roll you got is very green&blue (i adore it)...i suggest you to try it at sunset for surprising colors!!(:

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/