Seaton Sluice


One of mine and Luke's favourite places to visit with the dogs in summer is Seaton Sluice beach, the last few weeks have been busy with family things; hence why it's been a little quiet around these parts, I've also been having one of those slump months where social media seems to be bogging me down so anything to get away for a good two hours a night where i'm off the laptop and get a chance to blow the cobwebs away has been nice. I particularly love this beach at around dusk as the light is diffused but still bright, making the colours in the sea really stand out. There's miles for the dogs to run and they're always shattered when we get home. I also haven't yet posted a post on my camera (it IS coming) but I'm still loving it. The quality of the photos is just beautiful, every time I take pictures I notice such a difference from my previous camera. I thought I'd share a few here as I love seeing them blown up large...


  1. Such a nice place to go for a stroll x

  2. I always love your photography, Emma! It's stunning in this post. x