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In my folders on my computer I have so many day to day life photos that I've taken and never actually done anything with, I've been really enjoying posting more things like this as of late so I hope you don't mind the lack of beauty posts (there's a post coming soon if you're missing them!). These photos were actually taken with my old camera but I still really like them. It was a great little camera really, I'm actually selling it so if you're interested or want to know more information give me an email over in my contact page. 

So, this was a day back in February, (that feels like crazy long ago) where Luke and I took a trip to Tynemouth Market, we go quite regularly and I have done since being little. I love looking round the stalls, there are such an array of things being sold, from antiques, handmade items, vintage clothes and food. I love photographing all the things I would really love to bring home with me.. but if I did bring them all I would end up with a full on hoard, I swear the minute I have my own house I will end up coming away with bags full from this place! I really need to go again soon and take some pictures on my new camera, it's set up in Tynemouth metro station which has a glass roof so it's always flooded with light for photographs which is beautiful. There's diffrent sellers on the stalls each week so some weeks are better than others, but everytime I go I end up finding something I like. This particular time we visited there was an old man there selling plants of all kinds, his wife collected tea pots/pots in general and he collected plants, so they inevitably joined their collection and started growing plants and flowers inside tea pots; I thought this was such a good idea! I stood talking to him for a good half an hour. His prices were so reasonable too! the teapot I photographed below was only £1.50. I sadly haven't seen him since but I really hope he comes back one day! We browsed around and had a coffee from the 'OCC' stall there which was delicious, then ended our day with a walk along the beach which is just up the road.

I hope you like the pictures & I'd love any recommendations for markets in the North East! If you know of any let me know in the comments...

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  1. Amazing. I can't put my finger on why, but your blog is literally my favourite ever! Haha I sound like such a fan girl, sorry. If it's not too cheeky m, can I ask if you edit your pics much? I am in literal love with whatever you're doing with them - is the contrast right down or something? Keep up the great work! Xx