Geo Fleur


I have to say I've been through my fair share of beauty boxes; I love the monthly thrill of a little surprise turning up on your door step each month, so when I found out about Geo Fleur existed a few months back I was all over it! So if you didn't already guess by the name and pictures, Geo Fleur is a monthly subscription box... FOR PLANTS! This suits me down to the ground (pun intended) as I am always buying plants. In my opinion you can never have too many, if you know me or have seen my bedroom you will know i'm really not joking; they're everywhere. I'm now on my second month's box and so far I've been so pleased with the accessories and plants. The first month's box that I received contained a beautiful black Macrame plant hanger with a rose gold clasp and the second month contained a handmade clay pot, cacti and plant illustrations. They arrive so well packaged and beautifully wrapped. Over on their website you can sign up here, they also have a shop where you can buy more plants and more plant accessories; here's to alllllll da plants!

A big thankyou to Geo Fleur for the boxes!

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