Dinner in a tree house


A few days back now Luke and I took a trip to Alnwick; we had talked about visiting the gardens for yonks and decided with having such nice weather as of late we would go. I hadn't been since I was about 9 years old and a lot had changed since I was last there, the Tree House being one of those things. We went there first then visited the gardens after. You can actually visit the Tree House without paying the admission fee into the gardens as it's a restaurant so it's even a great day out if you're just visiting one or the other. We had a look around and I loved it so decided to have a meal there before venturing into the gardens; we opted for fish and chips which was delicious! The main appeal of the restaurant for me was the interior - so so stunning inside with branches all lit with fairy lights, there's so much craftsmanship gone into everything - really stunning! (I went a bit photo mad in there). After dinner we walked along the rope bridges surrounding the tree house, I'm quite scared of heights so we had a laugh walking across them. 

We then headed to the gardens and had a wander round. There are fountains, mazes and even a Poison Garden (I'm not sure if this is there all year round?), the Poison Garden was actually my favourite part, you had to have a tour guide take you around as some of the plants, as you would expect, are poisonous so people can't be left unattended around them; there was even cannabis growing in there! The tour guide was actually really interesting and gave us some information on the number of deaths per year caused by poisonous plants and that how many of them are also used in the treatment of cancer, there was also a little hut near the poisonous plants section full of 'curious creatures'; I loved photographing this! We had a great day, I would definitely recommend popping along if you've never been before and live close by.

Here's some photos from the day...

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  1. Ah Alnwick Garden and the Treehouse are pretty special aren't they! Gorgeous photographs x