New Prints


If you know me by now you will know that new additions to my interior are a regular thing; I just can't help myself when it comes to homeware. I mentioned in one of my IKEA Hauls a while back that I wanted to incorporate more earthy tones into my interior, there for the previous black and white prints just weren't cutting it. I wanted to go a little more grunge.

Desenio reached out and asked if I would like to review some of their prints at the time I was looking to update my room so I jumped at the chance; they're a really cool Swedish brand that have recently come to the UK selling their posters online, upon a quick glance of their website I knew they were right up my street, very minimally designed and easy to navigate with so many versatile prints, I would pretty much say there's something for everyone.  I got 6 different prints all at the size of 50X70cm; these are huge statement size posters, along with the feather and skull prints above I also selected some mountain prints, a black and white wave scene and an Indian/tribal print. Upon arrival they came well packaged in a large roll tube. I was really impressed with the quality; being such huge prints often detail and resolution is lost but these were so clear. I just bought some IKEA frames and I was ready to roll.

 I really like the look of them, I think they give my interior a completely new feel being so huge they are definitely a talking point in the room. You can find there website here if you're looking for any new prints! Let me know which ones you like. 


  1. Those prints are gorgeous!! You're giving me some serious room inspo right now! Lovely post x

    Love, Maia

    1. Thanks Maia! Glad you like them <3 x