'Miracle Oils' Do they work?


I've never really been one for oils; having oily skin I tend to stay clear.  However after seeing the 'Josie Miran Pure Argan Oil' when I was last in Sephora I changed my mind. I had tried it on the back of my hand on the last day of our trip in NYC and the softness yet lack of greasiness on my skin was insane, I couldn't stop rubbing it! I meant to go back for it but we didn't have enough time. 

So long story short when I was back in the UK I was desperate to get my hands on some. After doing a fair bit of research I found the majority of them to be expensive and often I have read they're all the same product anyway if you're wanting the 100% pure Argan Oil. I hunted around and once again eBay to the rescue! I came across this bottle for only £19.99, this was one of the largest bottles I had found for the price at 200ml; so in my basket it went. 

After reading the product information on their website I found that the reason it's presented in a brushed aluminium container is in order to reduces degradation by eliminating exposure to sunlight as Argan Oil should never be sold in clear containers as light breaks down the oil's best properties.

This Argan Oil claims to be 'cold pressed and multi-filtered to remove sediment and therefore the nutty aroma of unfiltered argan oil (which many find unpleasant when applying to their body). This is the rarer and more expensive version of cosmetic argan oil that won't leave a nutty aroma on your body and hair. Unlike culinary argan oil (which is often passed off as cosmetic grade) our cosmetic argan oil has a lighter, golden shade and virtually no odour. Culinary argan oil should not be used for cosmetic purposes due to the extraction process - argan kernels are roasted gently before being pressed - this gives a strong nutty flavour but diminishes the beauty benefits the raw oil offers by degrading the natural vitamins.' 

Since buying the product I have used it almost everyday since, it can be used for so many things; a face moisturiser, hydrating toner, face mask, lip moisturiser, overnight hair treatment, hair serum, cuticle and nail softer.. the list goes on! I've personally found it especially great for bathing, I just add two or three drops of it into my bath water and it makes my skin so soft! Along with that i've used it on my hair and nails; they feel softer yet stronger than ever. 

I've definitely seen a difference in the hydration of my skin and I can't wait to use this on my holidays. I think after showering this will be the perfect leg moisturiser. Even if you think you are sceptical of oil use for beauty purposes like I was I would recommend giving Pure Argan Oil a go. If you've tried it before let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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