Granada + Alhambra Palace


As you may have read in my last post things are gon' get a lot more travely up in here; so today starting with the little or rather big gem that is Granada. After visiting Almeria Granada isn't too far so we decided to have a trip there. I really didn't know what to expect from Granada, safe to say it definitely didn't disappoint, to me Granada felt very cosmopolitan yet still traditional does that even make sense? You can walk around seeing beautiful modern restaurants surrounded by baroque architecture and fountains. Kind of reminded me of a cross between Barcelona and Paris, both of which I love. There is also a strong Moroccan vibe in the city, everything from markets and food stalls along with the famous Alhambra Palace which we also visited (pictured and talked about further below). The markets were one of the highlights for me, as we walked down the city streets we passed orange trees growing wild, it literally felt like I'd been transported to Marrakech! For sale there was fresh tea leaves, shoes, hand made jewelry and not to mention thousands of beautiful lanterns! Some of the shops felt like Aladdin's caves. The people were so friendly too, none of them were pushy or forceful like some European markets I've been too; very respectful and friendly. I bought two beautiful hand made rings from there which you will see I'm sure in an upcoming post or video as I've been wearing them daily. Here are some photos I snapped whilst wandering around the city... 

Alhambra Palace 

So after shopping and sight seeing in Granada it was time for our trip to the Alhambra Palace, my auntie had purchased me a ticket as a birthday present, she had visited before and had talked about how much I would love it. It completely surpassed any expectations I had and I can honestly say I've never been to a more visually stunning place; not only is the architecture out of this world but as the Palace used to be used for Military purposes it's high up on a hill and so has the most amazing views of the whole city, from there you could see right into the snowy mountains where there are ski resorts. We had a tour guide show us around; he was so informative and funny, if you ever visit the palace I would highly recommend a tour guide, I came out feeling like a full blown historian ha!  The architecture as you will see in the many pictures I took is so very detailed, the tour guide told us that one of the greatest concerns of the Architects of the Alhambra was to cover every single space with decoration regardless of size, this is displayed throughout the whole Palace even when we visited the gardens at the end of the tour the bushes are carved so precisely into beautiful shapes. It was filled with art students when we visited, which is no surprise as it's a designer/artists dream! I even managed to snap one of the students drawing on a nearby seat to me. It's safe to say I went mad taking photos; heres a few lot.. 

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  1. Granada looks amazing! I must visit there someday. You're an amazing photographer! Looking forward to seeing more travel posts :) x