I'm not sure why but I've always had a thing for abandoned things, I think they still have an essence of beauty about them..

 So when I was on holiday in Almeria (see post here) as I was without Luke so it was prime time for me to get out and explore, just me and my camera. My aunty if you didn't already read lives up in the mountains, she knew of an Artist that built a house up in the mountains years ago, his house is still there but he is not, he just up and left, his home and all of his artwork (the reason is unknown). His Artist Name was 'Waldi'. 

 My aunty has seen the house decline from a fully functioning household with furniture and beautiful artwork to wreck and ruin. She had talked about how beautiful the views were and so we decided to take a walk up to it. When we arrived there it was quite a long walk up his winding driveway with loads of over grown cacti. Upon approaching the front door it was open, it's unfortunately been fully broken into and most of the furniture stolen from it. It's a small little house but the features in it were so lovely, it has such potential for someone to do something with, I suppose maybe if he ever returns it could be a project for him. There were ALL sorts scattered around the house, paintings (some of which dated back before I was born!) sketches, books, photograph negatives etc etc. I couldn't help but feel really sad when I looked around it was like looking snapshots of his life and thoughts through his photography and artwork. I decided to document it in pictures and share them with you, I hope you like them, if you're weird and into abandoned things like me!... 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my pictures.. 

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  1. I've been reading your posts about Almeria and I need to ask you something. Did you return on the 28th of march? I saw a girl at Gatwick that looked so much like you!

    1. I didn't unfortunately, I must have a clone haha! When I returned I flew straight from Malaga to NCL x

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  3. I'm always fascinated by abandoned places as well! These photographs are beyond stunning. x


  4. This is beautiful, you took some amazing photographs. I love abandoned buildings too.