A Wander through Almeria


Another year another Almeria post, if you haven't already read in the travel section of my blog here my aunty lives out here so I'm lucky enough to be able to visit once or twice a year. Everytime I visit I can't help but put a post together on some of the photographs, it's such a stripped back picturesque place. This time I visited Almeria without Luke so rather than having lots of couple photos or someone to take outfit pictures or portraits (see instagram husband video for a laugh, this is usually Luke when we go away, he had a bit of time off...Jokes!)  It was just me and my new camera, so rather than capture lots of 'selfies' or portraits I thought it would be nicer to try to capture the rustic feel of the village whilst out on our travels.. more focusing on the detail in architecture, plantlife and animals. 

Heres a few of my favorites...

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my pictures.. 

I Also visited Granda while I was over there so I'll have a separate post on that too, you can expect things to get a whole lot more travely over here as we have a few trips booked for this year which i'm really excited about!

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  1. Emma your photos are beautiful! It looks like a gorgeous place. The colours are incredible and you've captured it all so well. x

    1. Aww thanks Shivs! Hope your doing well :-) must coffee soon x