I love a candle, or many candles if the truth be known but when it comes to Jo Malone burning them is a real treat. Seeing as it's Spring this scent comes welcomed, 'Pine and Eucalyptus'. Its my first time trying this scent and it may just be my new favourite. It's the most refreshing and relaxing scent, currently burning it as we speak and my room is filled with scent, even my dad commented on the smell that had drifted from my bedroom to my lounge after only being lit for 20 mins! its really strong and fresh yet still subtle if that makes sense. if you're near a Jo Malone anytime soon go in and give this a sniff, I'm sure your nose won't be disappointed! If you have any scents by Jo Malone you recommend I'd love to know in the comments.. Which is your favourite?


  1. My favourite from Jo Malone is definitely Earl Grey and Cucumber, but Anthropologie is my ultimate go-to place for scented candles. Love the new layout Emma x
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  2. I love Jo Malone, this sounds SO lovely, another one to add to my wishlist hahaha.


  3. One day I'll buy a Jo Malone candle...one day. Lovely post as usual! X

    Maia from http://www.maiacreed.blogspot.com