Royal Botanic Garden


As you will have seen in my previous post/snapchat or Instagram I recently took a trip to Edinburgh. One of the main things I wanted to do there was take a trip to the Botanical Gardens; I love plants (as y’all probably know) and there's just something I love about roaming around nature reserves/botanical gardens/just being around nature in general and find so very relaxing. I think having a day where I can just stroll around with my camera and have some escape time from the world is what I needed last weekend.

We basically stayed there for the whole day, the park is huge and there are so many different gardens/glass houses full of plants from around the world. Each glass house has different sections all with completely controlled environments, temperatures and humidity levels. Everything from Cactus rooms to rooms full of orchids. It was honestly one of the most visually pleasing places I've ever been, the light leaking through the giant glass house windows with the contrast of the huge rainforest leaves creating shadows was spectacular. If you’re going to Edinburgh anytime soon I can’t recommend it enough.

So as I said I took lots of photos (over 200 just from the gardens alone!) But as I can't include them all here's some of my favourites…

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  1. Awww love the colors! I love being in the outdoors too, especially in the spring! Just stumbled on your blog, it’s a treasure trove! <3