Rihanna Puma Dupes


So, is a blog post about my new shoes scraping the barrel? I'm not sure.. but I do know that I really wanted to share these with you so I'm going to do it anyway. Without going off on a tangent I might just start sharing more of my daily photos that I post over on Instagram over on here too, I figure it's a nice way of keeping up with you regularly without huge full blown posts? What's your thoughts on that? 

Anyway! I've had to be on some kind of frickin' waiting list for these to be in stock so I was pretty excited when they arrived. I love beige in general lately in my wardrobe as usually it's mainly black, white and neutrals. These beauties aren't actually the Puma Creepers by Rihanna they are however massive similar dupes, I think everyone and their granny has 
 gone mad for them as they're really hard to get your hands on them. They're pretty much identical besides the Puma logo; they're faux Suede with a thick rubberised sole. I really like them and I think I will get so much wear out of them. They've also got loads of diffrent colours too, I really want to order a grey and pink pair! Let me know what you think in the comments.. You can shop the shoes here. 


  1. love it! they look hella cute! <3

    Rabecca/ http://www.midnightburnout.com/

  2. I LOVE them, they'll go with anything and everything! X

    Love, Maia from http://www.maiacreed.blogspot.co.uk