Last weekend Luke and I took a little road trip to Edinburgh. It’s been a while since I posted a lifestyle post on my blog so here we are! I’ve been to Edinburgh quite a few times now, with it only being a two hour drive away from Newcastle it’s really easy to get to and we love it there. Luke’s just recently got a new job so I was very excited to celebrate this weekend with him. I’m going to separate our trip up into three posts; one on general pictures from the trip (which is this one) then a post on on our day trip to the Botanical Gardens, and lastly
 a post on a restaurant we went to. 

So we were there for two days and one night, the majority of it was spent shopping, eating, walking and drinking cocktails. It was lovely just to relax; shopping was one of my favourite parts of the trip (shock) the shops in Edinburgh are amazing! I would even go as far to say I actually think I prefer them to Newcastle, they have loads of my favourite shops including Anthropologie, The Kooples and also an Oliver Bonas (which Newcastle don’t) I managed to get some lovely pieces for my holidays and picked up some homeware bits from Anthro. Something I really love about Edinburgh is that you can be in the bars or the main high street and you’re never too far away from the countryside; walks, hills and sheep are pretty much everywhere; everyone is always really friendly too. 

Anyway here’s some pictures from the trip... 

After lots of walking and enjoying our weekend, we headed off home. On our way home we came across a lovely beach are called 'The Cove', the sun was just setting and the bay looked beautiful, there were some gorgeous dog walks round there, shame we didn’t take the pooches! There was also some really cool sculptures down there, I'm not sure what they represent as there was no plaque to read but the detail on them was amazing!

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  1. Makes me cross my fingers and hope for a magic plane ticket to fall from the sky so I can travel too! Love it <3
    Rabecca/ http://www.midnightburnout.com/