Holding on to winter


You probably read the title to this and thought ‘what gurl?! You want to hold on to winter? All of us have had enough of it!’ Don't get me wrong I am SO very sick of the cold however there's something about winter fashion I love, that something is layering. I love textured layered clothes, they seem to have much more depth than summer clothes, again, don't get me wrong I still love a good summer dress for holidays but for the most part I enjoy dressing for our cold British weather and especially a good winter coat! I can’t get enough of them, like literally can't get enough (my garage coat rack is overflowing with them).  

So for anyone reading this that also shares my love of textures and layers I hope you enjoy this post, there's LOADS on my ASOS Wish List so I thought I would include a few (be sure to click the > arrow as there's two pages of clothes!) 

Let me know of any gems you've found as of late in the comments, I hope you enjoyed my picks. 

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  1. I love winter fashion too, I hear you girl hahaha.