Sheet Masks; unattractive but they work!


If you’re willing to look like something out of 'Halloween' for fifteen minutes to reap the rewards of luscious moisturised skin the 'Sephora Sheet Masks' are right up your street. We’re all friends round here right?
You might have heard me saying in my recent new year’s video that I wanted to spend more time pampering myself in 2016; so here's to that. I got a whole bunch of these Sephora masks when I was in New York, I’ve used loads but this has been my favourite of them all. They all claim to do different things, this one however is meant to moisturise, oh and is really subtly rose scented, controversial I know as loads of people hate it but I actually like it, it’s practically unnoticeable anyway. 
I left it on for a good amount of time, the suggested time is 15mins but I got lazy side tracked and left it on for 30 mins. When you take these masks off it almost feels like you've grown a new glowing second skin; plumper, moisturised and so so god damn soft!  
I just need more of them now, must get back to Sephora ASAP!


  1. I love these masks, But I always feel like Hannibal Lecter wearing them!
    Great post!

    xx, Elise

  2. I've always want to try these but I find when your petite and your features are small, I have a hard time getting these to fit they are way! to big. I've heard so many great things about these !

    Katie |

  3. i really want to try some sheet masks! need to get my hands on some!