Happy New Year

I know it's cliche but I'm going to say what everyone else seems to be saying; I can not believe how fast this year has gone! I think as I've grown older the years seem to fly by. I remember the days when the six week holiday from school used to feel like years; I barely feel like last Christmas is over and here we are. I'm writing this currently an hour before new year with a glass of prosecco...

I've took a little break from blogging and YouTube over the xmas period not only for a break but to regain my mojo. I was planning on coming back Wednesday but I thought why not just come back after new year for a proper fresh start. 

I've had a really lovely year in the sense that all of my family and friends have been happy and healthy, I have a lovely boyfriend and I've had the opportunity to re-visit my favourite places in the world this year, New York being one of them...

However this year I've also struggled a lot with my mental health (which is something I rarely talk about, even to close family or friends as I find it very difficult), I won't go into huge detail as that's a whole other post but I wanted to mention just as to not give the illusion that everything online is perfect as it isn't. Times have been hard but luckily towards the end of this year I feel like it's getting slowly better. I really hope this is something that continues within the new year. 

Along with the improvement of my mental health this year I plan to explore a lot more creatively, I feel creativity is a huge part of me and when I'm not being creative I feel kind of down, hard to explain but it really gives me a buzz, whether that be video, photography, painting or drawing I plan to do much more of it, with the help of a lot of art supplies I got for xmas! Luke and I have some exciting things planned for 2016; so stay tuned folks! Lastly thanks so much for sticking around with my little corner of the Internet, much love to you all.

Let's boss 2016. 


  1. I'm sure that every day will be amazing!

  2. Happy New Year, Emma! I have similar thoughts to you in terms of how 2015 went for me mentally, so I'm looking forward to a stronger, happier 2016. Wishing the same for you too! x

    Lorna | Lorna, literally.