Christmas feels


Its safe to say with yesterday's snow I'm feeling super Christmasy; I spent most of the day wrapped up in the house with the heating on full blast (oh & of course Christmas music too) but also popped outside to take some photos in my garden that looked like something from Narnia, so I thought I'd share some of them with with you. Along with fifteen of my favourite things about Christmas...

15 Things I Love about Christmas ...

Giving presents, Spending time with family, Mice pies, A real tree (the smell never gets old), Advent calendars, Cozy jumpers, Hot chocolate, Dog walks, Christmas adverts, Wrapping presents, New pyjamas, Christmas lights, Christmas films, and best of all ... CHRISTMAS DINNER.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? 


  1. Aww loved this post! It hasn’t snowed near us yet but sounds like it’s got you in the festive mood. Your photographs are really pretty, the reef on your door is beautiful. Merry Christmas!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. Snow instantly makes it feel more Christmassy and magical doesn't it, I wish we had it here. Merry Christmas! x

    Natasha // The Night is Wild

  3. It actually snows where you live?!?! LUCKY! I live in CA where it never snows so my favorite thing has to probably be going off to Tahoe where it snows.

  4. You're so lucky it's snowed where you are this year...we had no snow and it hasn't felt 100% like Christmas! Loved reading this may not be Christmas anymore but it's just made me feel Christmassy again :) the pictures you've taken are absolutely beautiful! x

    Fran's Beauty Blog