NYC photo catalogue 2015


As you may know from my numerous posts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (I found it pretty hard to shut up about) I recently visited New York! I've been desperate to get home and upload photos and videos; not only to share with you but I love to be able to look over them and remember the trip over and over. Photography and video mean a lot to me and always play a big part in my trip; I get a total buzz from it.
So rather than include 100s of photos of typical tourist pictures that I took when I was away I thought it would be nice to hand pick some of my favourites; more personal pictures that I feel capture our trip perfectly; kind of like an overall round up of the trip. I was also considering doing different posts on eating out and shopping guides rather than include them in this post; I just feel that makes the post more organised and lets me explain more of the personal stuff rather than turn this into a ‘to-do city guide’.
So anyway! This was our second trip to New York (read my first time blog post to NYC here); we had been desperate to go back after falling in love with the city in 2011, we were away for 8 days staying in Manhattan just down from the Met Museum near Central Park West. We stayed in an AirBNB this time (our first try at this) and we LOVED it; ceiling to floor windows and even our own little roof top terrace. It made us feel as if we lived there, we got a real feel for the neighbourhood with a street full of typical stoops and fire escapes. This time we were really able to get to know a lot of the local restaurants and cafes (I also may do a separate post on my experience with AirBnB, let me know if any of you would like that!) There was a lovely feel in the city just between Halloween and the transition into the Christmas period, there was so much going on. We also had amazing weather; sunny but still a lovely temperature to walk around in, even at nights we didn’t need jackets.
So We arrived the day before Halloween, I have to say Autumn in NYC is literally like something out of a film set, I would love to go back during this season, there was ‘trick-or-treaters’ everywhere (including us, who said Halloween’s just for children?!) Houses were dressed up to the 9's and the streets blowing with autumn leaves. We even attended the famous Greenwich Village Halloween Parade; 100% worth going if you’re there for Halloween, the Americans do nothing by halves! I always enjoy getting my creativity on with the make up at Halloween too, as you will see in our pictures below we went as zipper faces, so many people stopped us for pictures which was quite funny, we must have looked a picture at the end of the night sitting eating our takeaway with it on. 
Aside from the Halloween start to the trip we also did LOADS of the expected shopping and eating out, it was really lovely just to indulge and spend quality time with each other we felt like we had our very own apartment their. We walked for miles! We tracked our steps on our phones and most days we’d walked up to 10-11 miles. Luke always plans a jam-packed itinerary so we did get to see a lot but much less of the tourist type things this time as we did a lot of those first time round. I felt like on this trip we got a real feel for the city, it’s funny how you change over the years when you travel too, for example; we loved and spent a lot of time in Times Square the first time we visited NY - whereas this time we were only there around three times and loved more of the hidden away gems. We even visited Brooklyn which had such a cool vibe to it; lovely little neighbour hoods with stunning architecture and great views of the Manhattan skyline. 
I'm in the process of putting together a travel video I did when I was there too so that should be up on my YouTube channel soon but in the meantime here's some of the pictures... 

Make sure to check back for more NYC posts, vlogs, beauty and fashion hauls and city guides! I’m doing my best to get them up ASAP. Let me know in the comments where your favourite places to visit are when you’re in NYC...


  1. Oh my reading this post has really got me dreaming of NY! These photos are gorgeous and it looks like you had an amazing time. My friend took part in this Halloween parade too - it's such small world haha :) x
    Charlotte's Road // Beauty, Fashion + Lifestyle

  2. AMAZING photos Emma! Looks like you guys had an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it.
    Shivani x

  3. Ahhhh I so want to go to NY now. Auxh amazing pictures!

  4. So jealous of your trip! and gurll what amazing pics these are! Lovely read as always x

    Gianni x

  5. Beautiful pictures! I really want to go to New York!

  6. I love love love these photos. I visited New York at a similar time last year and the colours are just astounding! Totally with you on the Airbnb thing too - staying in Brooklyn makes it super cheap and you feel just like a local x

    Sophie Cliff

  7. So cool!!! I love these photos! ♥