New In The Hair Care Drawer


So recently I've discovered a few new editions to my haircare box which have now became a prominent feature in my hair care drawer and daily routine. Even something from the men's aisle..


This is an extremely new discovery and quite the revolutionary one as I found it whilst looking at mens haircare with Luke! It's the 'V05 Texturising Gum'. Much to my surprise when I looked at the women's hair care aisle there was no female equivalent, just more texturising sprays which tend to have a drying effect on my hair. This is almost like a putty, not sticky and adding subtle texture without weighing hair down, such a good find!


Next talking some products from GHD; GHD is a brand I've used since being about 14 yrs old when I purchased my first pair of hair straighteners so I can always guarantee their products are for the win. I've even used their sister brand Cloud 9 too. ANYWAY on to this particular product, this is their Shine Spray; having oily hair when I hear the word 'shine' I always tend to avoid it but used with other products too it's been fantastic. I do tend to use dry shampoo a lot and that can make my hair look very matte, a little bit of this through the ends and my problems are solved, it makes my hair so soft and smooth.


Protectants are always part of my hair routine; as I use a lot of heat with a powerful hair dryer and curling tong it's essential. The GHD Heat Protectant Spray has done the job fabulously! The main thing I've loved about this product (apart from its protection properties, obvs) is the most beautiful smell it has, I've had numerous people actually say to me, 'wow you smell amazing!' Or 'What perfume are you wearing?' And it's been this!


Lastly an essential tool; the hairbrush, recently I've been using The GHD Paddle Brush. Paddle brushes are always my first choice of brush, I have thick hair and a lot of it so the paddle brush offers a wide surface area for brushing but with the bristles smooths out my hair in the process. I love how posh the GHD one looks with the silver detailing; you cant beat a good quality brush.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what's new in my hair care box! Let me know if you've tried anything new lately in the comments...

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  1. The V05 Texturising Gum sounds interesting - one to try!

    Lucy |