Mountain Getaway

Mountain getaway

You will probably know if you follow me on Instagram that I've recently been on my hollyberries, I went to visit my aunt again in Spain. It was just a girls holiday this time which was lovely, we spent most of our days lazing on lilos in the sun, going for walks in the mountains with her two lovely dogs Tito and Louis, shopping and eating tapas!

 One of my favourite things we did was walking around her house picking from the almond trees, grape vines and fig trees! It amazed me how self sufficient you could be if you lived out there. If you haven't seen my previous posts when I have gone to visit she lives up in the Almerian mountains so the scenery is always photo worthy! I thought I would just share a few from the trip, mainly plants, mountains and nature (she even has chickens). Photos speak a 1000 words so I'll stop writing now, there's kind of a lot...

Mountain getaway

I hope you enjoyed seeing some photos from the trip! It's not only lovely to share them I love looking back on pictures from past holidays and my blog is a great way of storing them. Thanks for reading x

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  1. Wow! It looks like such a beautiful place, glad you had a lovely time Emma!

    lissy @

  2. Your photos are absolutely stunning! So beautiful. I've probably asked before but… what camera do you use?! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  3. Wow your photos are absolutely stunning - looks like you had a great time!

    Lucy |

  4. All of these photos are so gorgeous! It looks like you had a lovely time and I'm definitely feeling wanderlust to travel after looking through this post. It's a great idea of having a post like this to look back on and is something I definitely want to do over on my blog in the future :) x
    Charlotte's Road