Botanic Garden

Durham Botanic Garden

Recently Luke and I took a trip to Durham Botanic Garden; we've been meaning to go for so long now as my Mam and Dad are huge fans of the place and always suggesting we visit. If you know me you will surely know I am an avid cacti fan so I was sold after looking at pictures of it online, let's just say cacti galore!

You can spend hours looking round the gardens which consist of some indoor green houses and also a large park area to walk around. The green houses were my favourite, they contain all sorts of exotic plants and trees; including banana trees, it was really cool seeing bananas on a tree as weird as that sounds, the green houses were set at high temperatures for these exotic plants to grow. By far my favourite section was the Arizona section, it was just full of all sorts of cacti, ones that were taller than us! They even have creatures in this part which I really enjoyed, moths in there chrysalis', stick insects, scorpions, giant millipedes etc (don't worry they were in cages), so cool to see. I would highly recommend the gardens if you're looking for a chilled day out with lots of photography opportunities!

We then popped to Bills in Durham for tea where we had a delicious burger! I love Durham, such a gem of a place.

As I was taking my camera along anyway I decided to do a little montage video of the day you can watch that here or just browse some pictures below...

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