Can't Wait For Autumn ASOS Wishlist


Another wish list coming your way today; I'm sure you know the drill by now (yep I have far too many wish lists so why not share them with you). This time I'm picking out four staples that I will be investing in come pay day, I'm DESPERATE to start buying autumn clothes for NYC so there's a few elements of A/W added in there hence the beautiful cashmere jumper above...

 I really want this to cozy up in ASAP. I really like the shoes and think they'd be fairly easy to mix with summer/autumn pieces for the transition from summer to autumn, same goes for the sunnies (I'm well and truly on dat Quay sunglasses band waggon; literally want every pair they produce). I always carry sunglasses with me even in winter! I cant deal with bright skies before my morning coffee and as for the hat isn't it a beaut?!


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  1. I love your choices! Those shoes are so gorgeous!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. those sunglasses are just all kinds of wonderful...

  3. Those cat eye sunglasses are so, so perfect! x