The Lob

summer haircut

So recently I had my hair cut for summer. I wanted the dead ends off and my hair cut into a really blunt cut. My hairdresser is fab and she tried a really cool and different technique out on my hair; she cut it with clippers to achieve a really blunt style. You can see a snippet of it being done in my recent favourites video, I find it so satisfying to watch. I've also gone back to my 16 year old self and am currently embracing a side part, I find the blonde in my hair is much more visible when I wear it like this. I really love it! I might even go a tad shorted next time, I'm starting to find it's addictive. 

You can see it being cut with clippers here

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  1. I got a 'lob' last year and loved it. Such a good way to revamp your look a bit. Suits you!

    Rachel |

  2. I love the 'lob' style! It's my go to simply because my hair is quite thin and flat and I find a lob gives it the most life!

  3. Love the lob! I go mine chopped into a blunt cut like this last month and I'm LOVING it so far. Think it might have to become my signature style :) it's just so hassle-free! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Looks gorgeous! Having it shorter is so much easier isn't it, especially in this weather. The blonde looks fab too! I've had some blonde put in mine and it definitely makes it feel fresher and more summer ready xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  5. New hair looks gorgeous! I have the fear when it comes to going shorter I'm afraid but the shape and colour suit you so much!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog