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Now you may be a blogger and not actually own all of these books; soz for the slight exaggeration but it sure as hell seems like everyone I know does! I have read and seen so much about them and one by one I've been sucked in to the hype and picked them up to see what all of the fuss is about. So here's my honest thoughts on them. Some I loved others meh...

'Pretty Honest' by Sail Hughes - For beauty lovers (5 stars)

This is my beauty bible. I honestly don't throw that term around lightly. I LOVED this book, I like to think I possess a good amount of knowledge on beauty and skincare but this book taught me so much I didn't know and hadn't even considered, turns out there was still a lot of interesting and useful information on beauty I didn't know. Beauty, skincare and product recommendations this book has it all!

If you're an avid beauty enthusiast or just a beginner this book could appeal to anyone. One of my favourite parts of the book was the interest and importance she put up on picking a routine and sticking by it, for example; a laid out skincare routine and how to put it into practise, I've really seen the benefits since sticking to a daily routine.

'How to be Parisian: Wherever You Are' - The if you love Paris book (2.5 stars)

I picked up this book because I love Paris; I've visited many times now and attitudes Parisian people have towards food, fashion and culture really interest and intrigue me. I must start by saying a lot of this book must be taken lightly, there are some really really ridiculous tips in here that made me LOL, for instance 'you cannot show your gums while speaking or smiling' which I think is maybe almost physically impossible sometimes, like how can you make sure you aren't showing your gums?! Anyway moving on it also states you should also look 'Fu*!able all of the time', in reality however I'm not sure it's always easy to look F'able when you're doing the dishes or just got in from the gym?

So providing you take this book lightly there were some aspects of it I really liked; there were lists, makeup tips and recipes some of which I've tried and liked. I also liked that this book wasn't a story, it really wouldn't have worked as a story, it's basically a series of snippets and tips based on daily Parisian life told by four Parisian women (Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret & Sohie Mas). I think it's definitely more of a coffee table book that you can flip through and read when you're in the mood, the imagery was particularly pretty too. Maybe I'm harsh with the 2.5 stars, I think it was the Fu*!able comment, hmmmm

'Berlin Street Style'for fashion & travel lovers (4.5 stars)

I have read this countless times and often look back on the images within it. I also LOVE the Paris Street Style book so after reading that I knew I had to pick this up, even though I loved the Parisian one the only reason I've chose to talk about this book is its mix of everything I love...

This book by German style experts Angelika Taschen & Sandra Semburg not only contains fashion inspiration and a run down of what makes Berlin fashion so 'urban chic' but it also contains LOADS of shopping guides! This was such a bonus for me as Luke and I visited Berlin not long after I read this book, there were so many helpful suggestions; really cool and chic places I would have never have found without the book. It's also a beautifully designed and illustrated book. I gained some really useful style tips and inspiration from reading this.

'Not That Kind of Girl' - The book everyone seemed to love (1 star)

I feel really controversial for not liking this book. I even dislike that I dislike it! I so wanted to love it, like EVERY blogger review I've read people love it? I'm just baffled as to why? I really don't get it...

So prior to reading this I was quite familiar with the book's author Lena Dunham from 'Girls' and always enjoyed her presence as I thought she very authentic and funny, therefore when I found out she had written a book I was eager to read it, then when I found out 99.9% of the blogging population was reading this book my interest definitely spiked. I was immediately disappointed. I just felt that I really couldn't relate to it at all, most of the book was recounting every haphazard sexual experience she'd had or how many calories she had eaten in a day, to me 300 pages of that was quite boring. Don't get me wrong the book is most definitely well written and I did find some parts okay and slightly funny I just think the book wasn't for me. I think she attempts to push a negative image of her self in the book to make her more raw and relatable but unfortunately this did not have the desired effect with me and instead I found it a little sad that she feels the need to push such an image of herself in the book to provide humour, AND BREATHE. I was definitely relieved to see my thoughts echoed in quite a few reviews on Goodreads.

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts on them? 


  1. I haven't got any of these but have always wanted Pretty Honest, from your thoughts it sounds so good too!! :) xx

  2. I've not read any of these books. I love how honest you are about 'Not that kind of girl'. Personally, I don't like it when books are negative in that sense. I think that life itself can get us down and be negative enough without having to read something that some of us may think anyway. I can imagine it not being relatable to everyone and even so, this wouldn't entice someone to read it. I think I'm going to give 'How to be Parisian: Wherever you are' simply because it will sound humorous!

  3. Pretty Honest is a great book. It’s my beauty bible and sits on my vanity table.