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Chloe Minis

Today I'm talking fragrances in particularly three newbies from Chloe that have been on my dressing table this week and they are minis! I don't know about you but I love anything miniature, any beauty products that come in miniature form seal the deal for me (sad I know), I really like how cute and intimate they look and they're also really handy for travelling, the added bonus of a smaller price tag also means you can have a few different fragrances as opposed to one full size, anyway... Chloe's 20mls were right up my street.

Most of my perfumes are dark and musky so these three floral scents are a complete change to my usual, however I have been looking for a more fresh scent for spring/summer so these came at just the right time. They offer three different scents in mini size...

'Chloe 'My Little Roses De Chloe' (£30)

First off starting with my favourite of the bunch the 'Chloe de Rose'; I'm really into rose scents ever since using Body Shop's Rose Water, anything rose scented now is firmly up my street, which is quite funny because I used to hate rose, it just reminded me of a typical old lady scent but I have actually come to the realisation that when mixed with other scents, for example Bergamot, Musk & Amber, that Rose can actually smell delightful. I've been wearing this one everyday since I got it. 

Chloe 'My Little Eau De Parfum' (£35)

 This was my second favourite out of the trio, this one is slightly more musky and floral with notes of Cedar Wood and Lily of the Valley. It's a fresh feminine fragrance that I could see myself wearing daily. It's not sweet or sickly; just the perfect everyday sophisticated fragrance. I've actually worn this before and had compliments quite frequently, definitely a signature scent. 

'Chloe 'My Little L’Eau De Chloe' (£30)

Again quite a fresh scent but much more fruity than the Rose de Chloe, still with a slight hint of rose but  also lychee, peach and grape fruit, it definitely has a zing to it.  Out of all three this one seems to last the longest on my skin; the scent really lingers all day, every time I would get something from my bag or swish my hair I was reminded that is was still there. All three of these scents are rather strong and on initially spraying this one I thought it was a little too floral for me; however giving it time to settle it really came into its own.

Although these perfumes are still pricey for minis I genuinely think they're gorgeous, I love the mini bottles and I think they would be an ideal gift! Have you tried any of Chloe's perfumes?


  1. Those bottles are so adorable!