Facial Oils for every budget


Before we get into this you might be thinking this post isn't for you, as you may think facial oils are greasy and most definitely not beneficial for oily skin, however, there is something in facial oils for everyone; hydration, anti-ageing and most of all re-balancing... 

If you're a regular reader you've likely heard me ranting about oils before, I'm a huge convert to them. I discovered the use of oil when getting a facial and had previously never considered using them as as a person with oily skin I thought it would turn my face to a slippery greasy mess; oh how wrong I was! Oils have really helped to balance my skin out; hydrating the drier patches on my cheeks and controlling the oiliness of my t-zone. I can't stress enough the difference in my skin when I added oils to my routine. I wanted to talk about three separate oils starting from drugstore to high end and why I love them.

Budget - Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil £13.00 (28ml)

'An aromatic, pre-moisturiser treat for the skin to boost moisturisation, nourish the skin when used as part of a daily regime. Absorbs quickly into the skin to leave it feeling soothed, silky-smooth and perfectly prepared for your daily moisturiser. Ideal for dry skin. Non comedogenic.'

What I found... 

Amazing product for such a low price tag. I also love the pipette applicator. I used this everyday before moisturising, patting a light layer over my face after rubbing into palms. It gave my skin a nice healthy glow and seemed to even it out, throughout the day my skin felt smooth and hydrated. This product is also great for oil control, surprising as it's a facial oil but none of these products have increased the oiliness in my skin. It does have a strong rose water scent however which isn't everyones cup of tea but it goes away after application.

'A lightweight oil that hydrates dry skin, while helping to protect it against environmental attack. Rich in Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, the nurturing formula helps maintain skin's elasticity.'

What I found... 

This again is a non-greasy oil that I have found suitable for my oily t-zone skin, it absorbs easily and sinks into skin quickly. I did find this one slightly too rich for everyday use as it's highly fragranced so instead I use this nightly 3 times a week. I find it keeps my dry patches to minimum and gives my skin an over night boost of hydration. This is an oil I tend to pull out of my skincare drawer in the colder months with it being so rich! 

High End - Sarah Chapman Morning Facial £46.00 (15ml)

'A post-facial glow in a bottle, a silky morning serum-oil will reveal an immediate radiant complexion, minimise the appearance of fine lines and restore plump, dewy, supple skin.'

What I found? 

Apart from the eye watering price tag this really is such a beautiful product; it's possibly my favourite serum/oil of all time. I use a few drops of this before my moisturiser, I've found my skin is smoother, my pores more refined and most noticeable my irritation around dry patches gone! I realise these are very bold claims but I don't rave about products unnecessarily, this one deserves all the praise! Even when I have breakouts, which are usually hormonal, I find this helps to heal blemishes quicker than anything I've used previously. I adore this stuff, 100% worth the hefty price tag.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of facial oils in general, the above three I would say are definitely my favourites. Have you tried facial oils? What's been your experience with them? Let me know in the comments...

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  1. I love your blog design! I feel like I haven't yet converted to facial oils but they have so many benefits packed into one and somehow they feel kinda luxurious. I like rose-scented products so I'll maybe try the Body Shop oil.

    Tia | at0ut.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Tia! :) they definitely do feel luxurious! Hope you enjoy the Body Shop oil x