Almería Trip


Today a travel post! One of my favourite kinds of posts to write and quite overdue. You may have seen over on my YouTube channel on my most recent video that I mentioned I lost all of the footage and pictures I took when I was away on my most recent trip to Spain (which makes me want to cry) although I do have these pictures from my phone and pictures I sent to my phone from my camera whilst away via WiFi. The majority got lost when I came back so I only have the following to show. I had a lovely time and still thought I would share what little I have (sorry if the quality of some of the iPhone photographs isn't amazing), still a nice glimpse into our brief Mediterranean getaway...

So my boyfriend Luke & I took a trip to my auntie's house; she lives in a place called Almeria situated up in the mountains in Southern Spain. The area she lives in is like something out of a Clint Eastwood movie and is actually used as a filming location for various western movies; mountains, goats, quiet bars and taverns and cacti absolutely everywhere; in my element.

It was the ultimate relaxation holiday, my auntie and her husband have a gorgeous bright white villa with a pool and amazing views of the surrounding mountains. Generally we spent a lot of time relaxing and catching up as due to the distance I generally don't get to see my auntie that regularly however they also took us on some amazing little day trips around Almeria in the car.

They live around a 15 minute car journey from the local beachside town of Roquetas which we visited regularly and I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing shopping opportunities there, I hit the motherload when I found a Sephora and Kiko under one roof. Asides from shopping we did a lot of sunbathing, reading and watching movies in the villa, it was so nice to just do nothing for a week surrounded by family. We also done a few standard touristy things; visiting the harbour, old town, various beaches and sampling some amazing tapas!

If you've read my travel posts before you'll know that this post is slightly different from my regular format in which I offer my travel tips and do's and don'ts, this because as I mentioned Luke and I didn't really set out to do anything on this trip other than relax and catch up with family. However I would recommend Almeria for a quite getaway; extremely Spanish and not at all what I expected.

Que the pictures...

I Hope you enjoyed this post and again apologies for the lack of vloggage and 'professional photos'. Have you been to Almeria? Is there anywhere else in Spain you'd recommend?

(P.S we have a really exciting travel plans coming up the next 6 months! all will be revealed soon on my twitter @emmagriffy92 so stay tuned, I will 100% be vlogging this trip and I promise to not loose the footage! 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and your photos still look amazing!! Glad you had a fun trip! I love the little goat...heart has officially melted :)

    Kay xx

    1. Thanks Kay! :) hope you're well...I know I wanted to steal the little goat, so cute xx

  2. Lovely photos Emma! This place looks beautiful, glad you had a lovely time :)

    1. aw thanks Mellissa :) how is the blog going!? hope your well x

  3. It looks absolutely stunning! Very jealous :)

  4. You always take such amazing pictures Emma, you look so happy!

    Charlotte / styleaked

  5. Lovely pics! I'm so jealous you saw baby goats :'(. Hope you had loads of fun!

    Love Liv x