Travel Beauty Essentials


As you may have seen on my Instagram/Twitter my boyfriend Luke and I are taking a trip to the Spanish Almerian mountains in just over a week now (eeeeek). I'm starting to tick things off my lists; I’m a huge list maker and I find nothing more satisfying than writing a giant tick next to something I have on it. I thought I'd let you in on a few things I will be taking away with me. I have picked out my top beauty picks when travelling;

SPF & Aftersun

We all know the importance of SPF but I wanted to mention my favourites; I’m a huge fan of the ‘Clinique Face and Body SPF 40’, as someone with sensitive skin other suntan creams tend to break me out but not this so far! Being face and body it’s really easy to apply; I just slap it all on quickly and I'm good to go. 

Same goes for their ‘After Sun Rescue With Aloe’; I love this so much, it’s the perfect cool down after a day in the sun (I put mine in the fridge to apply when I get in, I challenge you to find a better feeling! ahhhhhh)


A Bright Polish 

I feel this one is particularly important for toes, I wear sandals almost the entirety of my holidays and un-pedicured feet in sandals isn’t a pretty sight. A colour I always reach for is when doing my nails is Essie 'Peach Daiquiri' its a gorgeous peach colour that really compliments a tan!

Bronze + highlight

A good old bronze to go in the contours of the cheeks and onto the chest just makes your tan pop (I hate saying 'pop' but I couldn't find another word to describe it). I like to go foundation-less on holiday and just wear bronzer instead;  'Chanel Bronze Universal' does the trick every time, I dust a little over my face and chest, and voila! it’s a light weight cream consistency that is the perfect tan colour, so it’s gorgeous for that holiday glow. 
Bronzer wouldn't be complete without its bestie, a highlighter; I love to use- 'MAC Soft & Gentle' this stays in my makeup bag all year round but on holiday it makes an appearance almost every day. I like to just pat a little bit onto my fingers then lightly dab it onto cheek bones, down the nose and cupids bow; these two products used to together is a match made in holiday!

Lip Hydration

My lips get particularly dry in the sun, I always have lip balms knocking about my bag on a daily but when traveling I ALWAYS reach for the 'Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm' when flying I find my lips get particularly dry, add in the combo with the sun and its not a pretty sight. Nuxe to the rescue! This lip balm has a very thick consistency (that I think tastes like marzipan, yum!) that offers amazing hydration; its ingredients contain things like Honey, Shea Butter & Grapefruit. It rids my lips of that dry or tight feeling and keeps them baby soft all day!

Eye Primer + Fix Plus 

If you’re a beauty enthusiast this suggestion will probably be almost as important to you as an SPF.. PRIMER! If I didn’t take my primer on holiday with me my eye and face makeup would be an oil slick. The 'Urban Decay Primer Potion' Eye Shadow Primer is in my daily routine anyway but on holidays even more so, I will wear this day and night. It keeps from creasing all day. 
Moving onto 'MAC Fix +another priming product, a water spray that helps keep makeup on your face; this screams summer. I actually have an obsession with spraying this, it cools me down and makes everything set in place. 
What are your must haves for traveling, let me know in the comments if there is anything I need to add to my list! ...


  1. Aw I hope you have a great time on your holiday! I have to agree with the need for highlighters and bronzers on holiday, especially Soft and Gentle which is like the ultimate highlighter..

    Michelle x

  2. Totally agree with this! Mac Fix + sounds like a dream for summer, I might need to pick it up!

    Katy / Little Laughter Lines