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La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray

LA Roche-Posay has always been a skincare favourite of mine. Having both sensitive and spot-prone skin they cater to all my needs, I've been using their Thermal Spring Water for SO long now! 

After being so impressed by their Thermal Spring Water I recently branched out to their Serozinc Spray and I am as impressed as ever! In fact I think I love it even more than the original Thermal Spring Water.

It's a formula consisting of zinc sulphate and sodium chloride so it contains amazing anti-bacterial properties. 

I wouldn't say I have bad skin all the time but around that time of the month I get some nasty breakouts and I've really noticed that sprays such as these keep my oilyness at bay whilst keeping spots under control and still being hydrating. If I'm having a particularly angry skin day I always reach for the Serozinc Spray; it instantly calms everything down, definitely a good all-rounder. So what's the difference between Serozinc and Thermal Spring Water I hear you ask, well, it still has no scent, although it does leave a rather salty taste on my lips if I lick them after application, possibly the spot control solution that I can taste. Serozinc actually contains the Thermal Water Spray with the added benefits of a toning mist and soouthing zinc sulphate, essentially from experience it works as a hydrating spray but also helps to reduce blemishes, kind of a Thermal Spray upgrade. It's a spray nozzle which comes out as a mist, I just give a few spritzes in the morning and a few at night. I have really noticed a difference since using it. 

I'm in love with this product and hydrating facial sprays in general, are there any you use that I should be aware of?

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