Asos New In - Spring Wants


It's been a while since I did a fashion related post & I'm ALWAYS browsing online, like I legit have a problem; ASOS, Topshop etc you name it I'm browsing it...

I'm so fussy about what I buy, considering I'm not keen on colour it's so difficult to find perfect pieces. I've also become rather obsessed with only having staples in my wardrobe, I've read so many Parisian style books as of late and that's one of the secrets (apparently) to Parisian fashion so I'm rolling with it.With spring fast approaching I think I've found a few  pieces worthy of adding to my collection. Most of the above I can pair with other outfits and/or accessories and shoes. So I'm buying wisely right?

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What do you think of my picks? I always try to buy as quick as possible on ASOS as they always tend to sell out really quickly of the things I like. I think my favourite out of my picks is probably the light pink trench; this is such an odd pick for me as well, as you may know I'm the queen of monochrome but I think the dusty colour would be a lovely addition to my spring wardrobe and paired with black obv ha! Also don't get me started on the over sized fedora; clearly a must for spring.

Let me know what's on your 'Fashion Wish Lis't at the moment in the comments, I'd love some inspiration!


  1. I love the oversized fedora hat!! It's gorgeous! I have been loving ASOS lately :)

    Rachel |

  2. I love the hat, i think it is perfect for the spring!


  3. oooh love the striped dress, have a similar one from brandy melville!

    Rose and Weston x

  4. I love the dusty pink trench coat and the stripped dress. The sunglasses are cute too. :)

  5. I'm so bad for adding tonnes of things to my wishlist then forgetting about them! I love the striped dress at the bottom.

    Charlotte - styleaked

  6. I love love love the Fedora and the coat! I hardly ever buy clothes though and I'm totally with you on the staples vibe, except I really like colour! But if it's good enough for the Parisian's right? ;) xxx