Anaztasia Brow Whiz Dupes

Anastasia Brow Whiz Dupes

It's been some time since I talked brows & after recently filming a 'Whats in my Makeup Bag' I decided it would be a good idea to discuss some brow products that I'm majorly loving at the moment. After being hooked on Anastasia's Brow Whiz for a long time I decided to go on the hunt some cheaper and more accessible dupes...

Now, dupes have to be very similar to the real deal for me to convert and I believe I have found that with these two; hurrah!. Usually cheap brow products can be quite 'reddy' tinged or chalky looking but not these two beauties. I've trialled and used a fair amount of brow products but I'm talking about these specifically as these two are the ones I always find myself going back to. I always keep two on hand as I tend to change my hair colour quite a bit so I like to keep a lighter and a darker pencil on hand. 

Firstly; 'Soap & Glory Brow Archery'. As you can see my packaging is a little worse for wear, Im nearly all out of this my pencil so it's almost on its last legs, it's lasted me ages! I use it daily to fill in my brows, the skinny pencil allows me to draw in tiny hairs giving my brows a really natural effect, it also comes with a spooly on the other end for combing brows through. I love the fact it's twist-up too as ain't no body got time for sharpening! 

Secondly; 'The Eye of Horus'. I had never heard of this brand until a little email landed in my inbox asking if I'd like to give it a go. I was intrigued when I found out that this brow pencil makes your brows grow by containing castor oil. This was a big factor for me as at the moment one of my brows is slightly shorter than the other. It's VERY similar to the Soap & Glory pencil, again a skinny tip allowing you to brush in hairs, a spooly and twist up packaging. The only one thing I find prefer with this pencil is that it's a slightly harder formula which often helps create a more natural and precise look.

Overall I think both are fantastic dupes and are definitely worth a purchase if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Brow Whiz! 


  1. I can never find Brow Archery anywhere! Just the one with a felt tip on the other end - so annoying

    Charlotte - styleaked

    1. eeee so I did thanks for letting me know :) .. It took me a while to find brow archery too! keep hunting though its worth it x

  2. I'm definitely going to pick up the Soap & Glory Brow Archery. I've yet to try Anaztasia Brow Whiz, but have heard great things about S&G Brow Archery (I love their Solar Powder)...x

    Carrie | What I Love Today x