Valentines Scents


However you're spending Valentine's I'm sure we all want to smell delicious, I thought I would talk you through three of my current favourite fragrances...

Molecule 01 

This is my favourite fragrance to date! I received this for Christmas and I've worn it almost everyday since. If you haven't already heard of Molecule 01 it's a unique fragrance by Escentric Molecules. Molecule 01 offers a completely unique fragrance on each person that wears it, it does this by 'melding' with your natural pheromones, I've found other people can smell this much more than I can, my boyfriend ALWAYS comments when I'm wearing it. On me it gives off a woody musk scent that smells devine.It is pricey but SO worth it for such an individual signature scent. 

Chanel Chance 

This is a more well known perfume and again a bit of a pricey favourite but this is one of the classics, I think everyone needs a Chanel perfume in their life. I've had this for ages and tend to save it for best; special occasions etc. The scent is similar to the musk of Molecule 01 but with a much more flirty, sweet and feminine vibe. It contains notes of 'White Musk', 'Hyacinth' and 'Jasmine; amongst others. I really like this as a daily fragrance, I prefer something a little heavier for nights, perfect for a daytime date on valentines. 

Yves Rocher Evidence 

This is a very intense fragrance, you only need the tiniest amount, I love the puff bottle I think it really gives a glamorous look to my dressing table as well as smelling amazing. This is a fragrance I definitely save for an evening occasion, it smells very floral yet still fresh with notes that are simple and beautiful: essential oils of patchouli, bergamot and petitgrain, rose and jasmine absolutes. I most definitely pick up the rose within the fragrance so if you're into rose scents this is one to try.

These are just three of my pefume favourites as of late which are currently sitting nicely on my dressing table. I do however think I will continue to use these fragrances in years to come, they're definitely three timeless scents. What ever you're up to I hope your having a fabulous Valentine's! 


  1. The Chanel bottle is so gorgeous!! What a lovely bottle!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Molecule 01 is a scent I really want to try! It sounds so, so unique.

  3. Daisy Eu So Fresh is an amazing flirty scent, perfect for Valentines! Even if I spent it at work...

    Charlotte - styleaked