The no fuss manicure


I have no time for faffing when it comes to nails; I usually recognise that I need my nails done when I'm rushing out the door, so practicality is always top on my list! This manicure usually takes me three to five minutes & voila! I'm set to go...

When I first heard about 'press on manicures' I have to say I was sceptical, I had visions of them popping off within minutes of using them, my boyfriend's mam however swears by them so after much persuasion and debate I gave them a go...


The brand I used in particular is 'Broadway Impress Nails', which you can purchase from Superdrug for £7.99. They come in nail varnish bottle shaped packaging which I thought was a much more interesting way of storing them rather than just the usual cardboard packaging (it's also really handy to keep the spare nails in that you don't use). I have tiny tiny nail beds, this is really annoying as I always find it difficult to make my manicure look good, I know that might sound strange but I don't have much nail to play with if you see what I mean. As I mentioned above I hate false nails I thought I'd briefly just state why; 

1. I can rarely find any that fit my nails because they're so small 
2. They ALWAYS come off within an hour 
3. I think they look fake 
4. I find it difficult to function as a normal human with normal hands; every day activities become a struggle 

... I could go on.

So the appealing difference I found with these nails was that there was no glue what so ever (this pleases me very much as it usually ends up everywhere but my nails), all these nails come with is a glued strip on the back of each nail on which you simply press down in order to apply. It sticks within seconds and the hold is so strong! Another massive bonus for me with these nails is that it was SO easy to cut and file them down, they're made from a soft plastic so they're really easy to re-shape (amazing if you don't want them to look false), I cut mine down to around my natural nail size then rounded them off with a nail file. The finish of the nail was super smooth and glossy but I fancied a change in colour so my next step was to...


The nails I chose were a deep red, I wanted to see how they would cope with being painted; whether the polish would stick to them or whether I'd end up with a slippery mess. I chose to go for my everyday usual colour (again in-keeping with the natural style) which is Porchester Sq. by Nails Inc. I think this is the perfect everyday nude. To my relief the polish applied just as it would to my normal nail, I also gained a really cool effect from doing this, with the under nail red and the top nude it kinda reminded me of Chirstain Loboutins. Now the worst part...


NAIL DRYING! This is the part I really hate, I use Mava Dry to help speed this process along (ain't no body got time for dat) after a minute following application I spray this onto my nails, it dries them super quick and leaves a glossy finish on the nails. 


Although I seem to have waffled on a bit this really was a quick process, I think it gives the luxurious look of having a manicure without the fuss and if you really want to minimise application time of course you could just polish and Mava Dry! 

What are your favourite products to manicure with?


  1. This whole process sounds fab, I've heard loads of good things about the press on nails but like you, all I can think of is them popping off within minutes, they do look so nice though so I may have to try them! I swear by Sally Hansen's Insta Dry to dry my nails super quick x

    What Rachael Wrote

  2. That Nails Inc shade is my favourite nail varnish ever! Such a good neutral weekday shade...

  3. This colour is stunning and definitely one I need to add to my collection. It really does look fuss free. x

  4. I have never had much luck with press ons but you make it sound so easy! I may have to give it another go.

    Miss Anna Rebecka

  5. Wow! Lovely colour.

    Just found and subscribed to your youtube-channel. I really enjoyed it and I have a feeling it will be one of my new favourites :)

    Love from Sweden

  6. I need to get some Mava dry in my life!!

    Kay xx

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