Pretty Techy


I love to ‘dress my tech’ in pretty cases; not only does it look sassy but leaves your phone protected if you’re clumsy like me and drop it at least 20 times a day..

Iconemesis’ do a range of beautiful phone cases; they were kind enough to send me the above case. You may have seen a while back on my Instagram that I did some sketches in a Fifi Lapin style; I'm obsessed with Fifi Lapin I think it’s so cute. They do so many cases so I’ve listed my favourites above.I've bought so many cases for my phone since I upgraded its kind of becoming a bit of an obsession! The cool thing is Iconemesis works with lots of promising illustrators and graphic designers to ensure every case is a little piece of art. Mine is currently on sale for £9.99, grab it while you can here!

Do you have any favourite iPhone case designers? 


  1. So cute! I really struggle to find nice phone cases for my brick of a Samsung, which is really annoying! Xx

    1. try Etsy Lisa, my friend has a samsung and she got a lovely one on there :) xx

  2. They are the nicest looking cases! Obsessed!!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  3. All of these cases are so cute and look super sturdy! I definitely need to look into it.

  4. I love the top right phone case, it looks a little different to your avenge phone case.


  5. This is the cutest case! Definitely going to check them out when I upgrade next month.

    Charlotte - styleaked

  6. I really like Nikki strange phone covers they are lovely colourful and differet designs