Pink Lemonade + Peach


I never really dedicate whole blog posts to one product but I just HAD to with this one, I have this candle burning as we speak and it’s real love I have to say. You won’t believe where it’s from...

TESCO! Yes that's right good old Tesco and a complete steal at £6.00. I love buying little interior items so this really brightened my day. I loved the packaging for a start, I think it’s really nicely designed, the tub that the candle comes in is white ceramic that has a matte finish with the word ‘laugh’ embossed on the bottom of it, very in-fitting with my bedroom being quite minimalist. Then for the best part; the scent is pink lemonade and peach! I was worried at first that this could have the potential to be quite sickly but for the price I decided to give it a go anyway; I'm glad I did! It’s a very fresh smell and I think you can smell the peach scent the most, it is quite subtle but I like that about it, I don’t like really over powering candles. I think it’s a little gem! Definitely worth checking out Tesco’s home section if you’re there. Bad news for me however as I will now be browsing this section every time I go food shopping!

Are there any cheapy candles you would recommend? I always find it hard to find low budget candles that are still good quality, let me know in the comments...


  1. Tesco! I thought H&M or somewhere like that :) £6 is incredible! Have you tried Flamingo Candles. Lily Flame or Bomb Cosmetics Candles? All really well priced and smell incredible!

  2. No I haven't tried any of those brands! thanks for the recommendation, going to check those out now :) x

  3. I love a good peach scent. I don't think it's used enough. I'll keep my eye out for this one.

  4. This candle looks amazing! Definitely looking out for this one x


  5. Ive wanted to try this so many times! Tesco home ware is amazing and so affordable, plus this packaging is super cute.

    Charlotte - styleaked

  6. I want this!! I just bought a red berries diffuser for £3 from Asda and its schamazing!!! Looks like supermarkets are the way to go!!

    Kay xx