Blemishes be gone


Urgh; blemish time! If you have spot prone skin you will know what I'm taking about (lucky you if you don't) I tend to get a break out around 'that time' and it's pretty awful. Chin break outs are my worst enemy, the following products have helped me a huge amount on my mission to minimize swelling and reduce the appearance of blemishes as swiftly as possible...

The once a week treatment

Eve Lom Rescue Remedy Mask;

You may have seen me raving about this product on my Instagram, it's always on cult beauty websites and I've heard everyone and their grandma talking about this.If you haven't heard of it you should probably come out from under that rock you're hiding under! I have been using this product now for over a year, I first found out about it when I was purchasing another product from Space NK when the lady informed me that this helps with sluggish and stressed out skin, she was most definitely right, I've since gone on to buy numerous tubes of this, I even think I've done previous reviews on this, I honestly cant talk about it enough. I wanted to talk about it again lately as I've felt my skin has been particularly bad, with the cold weather and a combination of hormones my skin has just simply said NO. It's been very much up and down lately; one week it seems to be clearing up then the next it's on a rampage.

This is something I've been reaching for once or twice a week, when my skin is feeling down in the dumps this well and truly sorts it out. The best way to describe what this mask does for my skin is to say it completely clears it out, it seems to get so deep within my pores that it prevents further breakouts. The texture of the product is clay-like with little exfoliating pieces in it, I love the smell of Eve Lom products, I own so much from her range and I haven't had any issues with anything thus far, if you're fussy on smells though do smell this first as I know some people aren't keen. This makes my skin the best it can possibly be, most definitely one of my holy grails! If you have spot issues this is definitely one to try.

TIP: You can also use this as an instant fix for puffy eyes; dilute a small amount of the mask with water, apply to eyes, leave for five minutes and then remove with a damp cotton pad.


Again another heavily talked about product but there is definitely a reason for that... This product is very well loved in my household, so much so that my boyfriend has even taken to using this if he gets the odd spot (although he is blessed with beautiful skin so it's always once in a blue moon, lucky thing!) I apply this directly to the spot morning and evening, I do find that this particularly helps with those hormonal under-the-skin stubborn spots. It reduces swelling along with drying out the spot. If you've read my skincare posts before you will know I have sensitive skin, this wasn't a problem for me at all with this product, it states it's suitable for sensitive skin and also acne prone skin. Another bonus with this product is that it has lasted me so long, I use the teeniest tinniest half a pea size amount just before I go to bed and upon awakening there is a definite visible difference in the spot.

 Claims vs my experience;

  • 'Clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes' - Most definitely
  • 'Unclogs blocked pores' - Yes
  • 'Helps to refine skin texture' - I can't say I have seen this as I only apply to a small surface area being directly on the spot.
  • 'Controls the appearance of shine' - Yes
  • 'Fights against the appearance of marks' - Most definitely

I have more reviews on LRP skincare here if you're interested in reading more about their products.

I really rate these two products if you're struggling with spot prone skin. Do you have any saviours you would recommend? 


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Effaclar Duo, I've just run out actually. I used it all over my face rather on blemishes or spots and definitely saw a difference, especially with marks on my skin. Haven't tried the Eve Lom mask but I've added it to my list. What does it smell of?! You've got me intrigued! xxx

  2. Well.. its really hard to describe, my friend described it as smelling of pond water haha! but I think its kind of more of a fresh chlorine kinda smell.. you will have to smell it next time your in Space NK Shivs xxx

  3. I really ought to try out the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo soon, it looks great x

  4. Oh I might try the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo as spots just seem to love my face at the moment :(

    John | Shout John