How to take half decent photos on your iphone


I often get asked what apps I like to use for photography on my iPhone, I love photography and when I haven’t got my SLR with me my iPhone is the next best thing. I’m always snapping away, whether it be my daily cuppa or a good selfie these are the apps I find make my photos look ‘hella fine’...

There are LOADS of photography apps on the App Store, believe me when I say I have rifled through the photography section with a fine tooth comb. I've narrowed it down to three I like to use the most. These are my favourites to use for Intsagram and Facebook uploads, they all tend to keep the quality of the photo too which is a bonus...
1. Afterlight 
First and foremost my most used app; Afterlight. I love this app! It has a range of options to choose from to get that perfectly edited photo; you can adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, straightening etc. Etc. The list goes on! There are so many filters to choose from too. There are other features you can add to photos such as light leaks, text and shape templates. I think the design and layout of the app is super easy and nothing overly technical or difficult to navigate. Definitely worth a go if you’re into iPhone photography.

2. VSCO 
This app is my second favourite to use, to be honest though it was difficult to choose between this and Afterlight as they’re both fantastic. VSCO has a range of pre-set filters you can apply to your image; they have every filter you could imagine! There is also an option to add on more filters; I purchased the extra Bundle pack for VSCO, you can get by on the pre-sets the app comes with top be honest though but I personally wanted the extras to play with, every time they release new filters I can’t help myself. As well as all the filter options, similar to Afterlight, you can adjust the brightness, contrast and even add fade and grain effects to photos which I really like. I think you can achieve a really professional look with your photos with this app (or as professional as an iPhone will allow you).

3.Pixlr Express
Lastly Pixlr. I wanted to give a mention this app as it’s an app I used in the very beginning before anything else (total ‘bae’). This app allows you to select filters as well as the usual photo adjustments & edits etc. Including text and stickers which are usually seasonal; there were some lovely Christmas ones, really nice for scrap booking if you like to print your photos out. Also just a note to mention; they’ve recently made the app accessible from desktops, this is great as it means you regain the quality of a professional photo you’ve taken on a non-iPhone device. It’s the first photography app I know to have gone to desktop too, great alternative to Photoshop and free too!
All fantastic apps to make your pictures truly ‘Instagramable’; after all who doesn’t love a filter? What are your favourite Iphone apps? 


  1. I love using Afterlight! A well spent 69p haha. Always use it to adjust the brightness of my photos for instagram. Or to add a 'cheeky' little border. I use Pixlr or PicMonkey on my mac when editing photos to go on my blog, they're just as good! Will have to check out the Pixlr app one :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. I actually wrote an article on the same subject recently! I have a Samsung Galaxy Sand the camera on that is 16 megapixels vs the iPhone which is only 8 megapixels but I can get some seriously good pics from my phone. It's all about the lighting! I love Pixlr also and I'm def going to download Afterlight.

    Emma & The Beauty Blog

  3. Woah your photography is amazing! This is definitely my goal to get some amazing shots like these
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  4. Great advice, been looking around for a post like this for a while! I had VSCO on my Samsung but now I've upgraded to an iPhone, it totally slipped my mind! x

    Kat from Blushing Rose

  5. VSCO is probably the most-used app on my phone, I absolutely adore the presets! Afterlight is a close second, but they're both fantastic :)

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn