Weekly Features #4


This week's Weekly Features is rather unintentionally colour coordinated. There's been a mix of things in my iPhone Camera Roll this week; apologies if this is the 38264283 time you've seen my pyjamas, they were quite the fave this week...

8 Years

I'll start with one of my main highlights of the last week; it was Luke and I's 8 year anniversary (of when we got together), crazy! Such a long time. It feels quite strange saying 'eight years', I just can't believe it's been that long. I wont get too soppy on the matter but I had a lovely day. Luke bought me the gorgeous flowers above, I can't wait for all the lillies to open. Thanks for being a swell guy Lukey x

A Box Swap

Box swaps get me all excited! I singed up on perfectstrangers.co to swap a box with someone from another country; such a cool idea. The website pairs you with a complete stranger (I won't say too much on this as I plan to do a full post on the box and my experience), I got paired with a girl from Poland called Mak. I spent this week putting together her box and posting it off. I'm SO excited for her to get it and receive my box! I snapped a picture on my phone of her box all packaged up.

A Family get together

This week my Mam hosted an afternoon tea party. It was for a special occasion as my auntie is visiting from Spain, she doesn't come back that often so it's always a really special time when she does. My mam's friends and a few of my friends came over, I did try to get a picture of my auntie but she hates her photo taken so unfortunately you'll have to just feast your eyes on the food. It was a xmas-themed tea party and as you can see the food was amazing. My mam done such a god job.

Hair Update

Another week another hair change. Not really much of a surprise! If you know me my hair changes more than the weather. This week I decided to get my hair cut a little shorter and have the colour lightened just a tad on the ends.

Despicable Pyjamas

Again my sincerest apologies if you've seen these a thousand times on my Instagram, Twitter or most recent YouTube video, but can we just take a moment? Despicable Me Pyjamas! How cool?! I'm a pretty huge fan of the movies and Agnes is definitely my favourite. I love the little unicorns on the bottoms and they are 'SO FLUFFY!' 

A Taste Revolution 

Bit of an odd point to mention but on a recent tip to M&S last week I came across a drink that I now can't get enough of! It's the 'Peach, Camomile and Green Tea', it's so refreshing! The next time you're in M&S give it a try, you can thank me later...


  1. But have you seen the watermelon and coconut white tea??? So refreshing in the summer!! xx


  2. The box looks so pretty, looking forward to reading more about it!

    Kay xx

  3. Aw congratulations on your 8 years of being together, that's so cute!

    Megan xo
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